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Update on 31 August 2011 [v2.0.13.3]

Cog Mints
The cogbucks data has been updated, and missing mint data has been added.

Update on 15 February 2011 [v2.0.13.2]

Cog Wiki updated
The Cog Wiki has been completed and updated.

Update on 14 January 2010 [v2.0.13.1]

Guild Events
Bossmeetings have been reestablished and set up to date
Minor changes have been performed on the guild events

Update on 9 January 2010 [v2.0.13.0]

Guild Events
Bossmeetings have been reprogrammed completely
Timezone system replaced (new definition; daylight is determined automatically)
Fixed some bugs

Update on 14 March 2009 [v2.0.12.1]

Bugfix release
Fixed bugs which occurred due to differently starting summertimes

Update on 24 February 2009 [v2.0.12.0]

Boss Meetings
Added scheduler for boss meetings

Update on 20 February 2009 [v2.0.11.5]

Increased Security
Security Update
Fixed many security holes (XSS and SQL Injection)

Update on 19 September 2008 [v2.0.11.0]

New Fishing Guide
There are new statistics of the current game available!
Added background picture for main signature (thanks to Crazy Fireball)

Update on 19 September 2008 [v2.0.10.2]

All-Time TopToons
Removed wrongly recorded entries

Update on 2 September 2008 [v2.0.10.1]

All-Time TopToons
Added much more features

Update on 1 September 2008 [v2.0.10.0]

All-Time TopToons
Added TopToons database (starts on 16 July 2006)

Update on 25 August 2008 [v2.0.9.4]

Dollar Mint 18
Added data of Dollar Mint 18.

Update on 25 June 2008 [v2.0.9.3]

Toontown News
Server messages are now supported and display correctly.

Update on 29 April 2008 [v2.0.9.2]

Toon Search
Toon search available
Added PM forwarding
Old password must be indicated in order to change it.

Update on 29 March 2008 [v2.0.9.1]

Extended main signature
Toon picture available for signature background, too
Main signature: height adjustable
More cog speech available
Mints: battle on Pipe Room marked as obligatory
Fixed a few bugs

Update on 31 January 2008 [v2.0.9.0]

Bossbot HQ
Bossbot HQ comes to SigGen! All signatures and guides have been updated.
Added Bossbot HQ signature
New background pictures for main signature
Fixed a few errors concerning the rights system

Update on 13 January 2008 [v2.0.8.0]

Several skins are now available.

Update on 14 December 2007 [v2.0.7.0]

MSSoft AntiVir
Security Update
SigGen is now checked by a especial AntiVirus software.

Update on 22 November 2007 [v2.0.6.1]

Added affiliates
Toon check: fixed errors

Update on 17 November 2007 [v2.0.6.0]

New signature (animated)
Added animation signture
Design: Christmas on SigGen
Toon profile: planted gagtrack
Toon check: fixed errors
Signature background: corrected sequence
Rights error: users could not view foreign signatures

Update on 5 November 2007 [v2.0.5.3]

Small update
Updated browser check
Blinking notification on new message
Fixed some bugs

Update on 29 September 2007 [v2.0.5.2]

Revised SecretHQ
Added DE and FR servers
Removed unnecessary indications
Revised database structure
Fixed some bugs

Update on 24 September 2007 [v2.0.5.1]

Small update
PM: height of textbox adjustable
Minigolf: corrected definition ("+3")

Update on 20 September 2007 [v2.0.5.0]

Time Converter
New: Time Converter

Update on 17 September 2007 [v2.0.4.0]

New background pictures
Added new background pictures for main signature (thanks to Violet)
Toon check: Intelligent "active in" allocation
2 bugs fixed

Update on 15 September 2007 [v2.0.3.3]

Three languages on SigGen
Added new language: French
PMs could have been read by unauthorized user

Update on 14 September 2007 [v2.0.3.2]

Bug fixes
Fixed critical bug: MySQL Error if not logged in
Fixed critical bug: Parse Error
Security Update

Update on 11 September 2007 [v2.0.3.1]

Small changes
Added gardening statues (toon profile)
5 new background pictures (main signature)
Extended toon check (statues)
Toon check: CogHQ is always accepted now
2 bugs fixed

Update on 8 September 2007 [v2.0.3.0]

New features
Added report-toon-function
Added poll
New BBCodes: [user] and [toon]
Singular/plural distinction in language files
Minigolf: changed trophies 18,19,20
BBCode [url]: added icon for extern links
TTNews: added Toontown server time
BBCodes: fixed display error

Update on 30 August 2007 [v2.0.2.0]

Gardening update
Added gardening guide

Update on 29 August 2007 [v2.0.1.0]

Minigolf arrives on SignaturenGenerator!
Added minigolf trophies guide
Added minigolf signature
Added toon check
Added public profile
Toon profile extended by minigolf trophies
Added description to GSW trophies in toon profile
Browsercheck extended: screen resolution
4 bugs fixed
GSW signatur (#11) removed

Update on 19 August 2007 [v2.0.0.0]

SignaturenGenerator v2.0 published!
Added userbars
"Resend login data" added
PM System extended (BBCodes)
PM System: insert automatically quote for answer
Secret HQ: added language condition
Links to toons' signatures at Toontown > Signatures
Toonpicture gallery extended: Statistics
4 bugs fixed

Update on 24 July 2007 [v2.0.0.0 Beta 2]

SignaturenGenerator v2.0 Beta 2 published!
New functions added
CogWiki added
PM system extended
32 bugs fixed

Update on 14 July 2007 [v2.0.0.0 Beta 1]

SignaturenGenerator v2.0 Beta 1 published!
New design, new layout

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